This is a modern era of technology and digital socializing, and almost all companies have realized the importance of social media. Digital socializing has now become an inevitable part of any business because that’s the new term for marketing and spreading your brand’s awareness.  However, interacting and creating social media engagement with existing and potential customers is not a piece of cake – if it is not done right, all efforts are in vain, or it may create a negative image among your prospects.

Creating content to interact with customers is not enough – creating social media engagement is. Following are 14 post ideas on shaping social media strategy to create engagements for growth and awareness.

1. Promote Other Social Media Channels

Facebook is just one channel through which people can engage with their customers/followers – there are many others on the list, too. Don’t be afraid to cross-promote other social media accounts with your community.

Each social media channel serves a different audience, and that’s how you can effectively increase the reach of your content to a larger number of audiences.

2. Include Fun-Facts

This may sound cliché, but it’s great to engage your audience by telling them surprising facts about your business, industry, service, or products. That’s a combo of both the creativity and uniqueness, ultimately increasing the probability of interaction.

3. Post a Competition

Competitions and contests can never get old, and they are still a winning strategy to capture the audience’s attention. People are crazy about competitions, and that is why competition works pretty well every single time. However, never forget the math behind – higher the prize, higher the social media engagements. Put yourself in the shoe of an audience, and then think what you would like to win.

4. Let People Know About Your Industry

People interested in your brand/product/service would want to know about happenings in the relevant industry, but the news has to be interesting enough to gain the audience’s attention. Share facts, figures, impacts, current happenings, new releases, and much more.

5. Giveaways, Discounts and Offers

Who doesn’t love the word discount? Or 50% off? Or a giveaway? Yes. Just as you and I are always intrigued by these words, others are too. Give back to your customers in return of immense commitment and loyalty. Reward them with amazing and exciting offers and discounts.

6. Post BTS

BTS are happenings occurring behind the actual curtain. Posting what’s happening behind the scenes can actually represent your care and interest towards your big community. Tell them what efforts are invested into making an exquisite bar or a magnificent café.

7. Bring Back the Golden Memories

Relive your golden moments from the past; share a historic achievement, company’s first logo, a journey from where you actually started, and let your audience feel nostalgic too. What’s more? Celebrate your birthday or 50th anniversary. That’s how your customers will also feel attached and associated with your brand.

8. Create Strategic Alliances

Businesses that don’t compete within the same industry can create strategic alliances to engage more audience. Why more audience? Because you operate in a similar industry and have a similar set of audience that is why it is easier to collaborate and celebrate on social media.

9. Quote of The Day

Make a habit of posting ‘Quote of the Day’ daily. Go and find out a quote related to your industry, product or any relevant content that will shake your audience’s interest. It may seem a boring and hectic activity to do every other day, but it is a great way to constantly remain in your audience’s reach and giving them a reminder about your existence, especially when you have nothing else to talk about.

10. Celebrate National Days

Be thoughtful and creative in posting your content, and always remember that there is no need to give a constant reminder about your products and services – it can be anything creative and relevant. Research about every possible National Day that is celebrated in this world and share with your community by making them a part of it.

11. Don’t Miss Occasions

Where occasions bring overly-priced stuff on the market, try to be different and sync your offers and content with occasions. Be a reason for your customers’ satisfaction, celebration and cost- saving, of course.

12. Share Secret Tips and Teach

Teaching little things to your followers won’t make any difference to your secret recipes, so teach your audience about your secret notions, or tips on how to be better at baking, and much more.

13. Gather Opinions

Facebook has an option to run a poll to get people’s say. Use it strategically and wisely for your business to get to know more about what your customers actually think and want. Run a poll for you’re a new product range or a new service, and let people know that you care about their opinions.

14. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors has not really got to do anything with the content or social engagements, but to keep a check on their moves and how they are gathering their customers’ attention. This way, you will be able to strategize and shape accordingly.



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