Growing digitalization has revolutionized every sector of life and business world and marketing is no exception to that that. Every day a new marketing plan and strategies are tested and old methods of marketing are dying with each passing day. Text marketing has started a decade ago where telecommunication companies sell phone numbers to marketer to run a campaign via short text messages. A text massage of less than 30 words is run through the mobile phone number directory and is proving effective in many ways. Text marketing is proving more convenient, cost effective and has more reach and engagement of the audience than any other method. One of the most attractive thing about text marketing is its selective reach and targeted audience that makes it more efficient and reliable platform of marketing even today. In this article we will analyze the effectiveness of text marketing and will try to understand that why text marketing is still the convenient method of marketing even today.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost of any marketing campaign or strategy is the primary goal that a marketer consider while running it. In case of text marketing the data required is the phone directory contain mobile numbers that can easily be acquired from the local authority or telecommunication service with a small amount. A software that can simultaneously deliver messages to many clients can be acquired easily and also can be used again by buying certain amount of messages through an easy load process. Even in some cases mobile phone itself is used to deliver the messages. Overall the cost of text messages campaign is very low and comes handy to the marketer.

Time and Labor

Marketing required a huge team and is also a time consuming process when we consider the old methods of marketing. Text marketing saves labor by reducing the entire team to just a single person sitting on a laptop or a mobile delivering what you want to deliver within no time. A short text message is easy to type and easy to deliver as it been written only once and then deliver simultaneously to a number of audience or clients.

Selective Audience

Perhaps the beauty of text marketing is its selectiveness in reaching the audience. The marketer do not need to waste energy and resources to reach a wide range of audience rather simply he has to commit all his resources to selective audience which he wants to target. The selectiveness based upon locality and age group that gives a leverage to marketer to reach the targeted audience at will. This not only saves cost of the campaign but also improve is effectiveness. Text messages are read more frequently then ads or any broacher so it involves more engagement of targeted audience.

Intermingle with Other Marketing Types

Text marketing is just not about advertising but can also be used to in collaboration of other marketing types. Just as social media marketing is to engage customers in a product and SMS marketing is used to send discount codes to the customers. Text marketing works quicker in collaboration with other types is proving more effective. In another case a company want to promote a new product to its already generated pool of customer, it can simply send a text message to the customers.

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Optional for Customers

It is always a best to provide customer a choice to opt an advertisement depending upon will of the customer. Text marketing provide just about that, customers always have an option to deny advertising text. This makes text marketing more efficient as the campaign only reach the audience that are willing to engage in the advertisement. The customers that are not interested can be engage in some other way of marketing rather than losing a customer altogether.


The charm of text marketing is its flexibility. The conventional methods are used for a sole purpose or may be for one or two campaigns then you have to redesign your strategy for a new campaign. Text marketing can be used in a variety of ways including advertisement, promotion, discount offers, rewarding an employee, share views and many more things. Text marketing is also time flexible in this regard as a marketer can send messages at anytime from anywhere.


Text or SMS marketing is one of the best proven marketing method used now a days. Its cost effectiveness, flexibility, time saving and management qualities makes it one of the most effective and adoptable method of marketing so far. Text marketing is an easy strategy that gives marketer a leverage to reach the targeted audience easily and can save a lot of cost and labor without being bound to specific work place or time period. Since its advent SMS marketing has proved effective and still proving an effective method to promote and advertise today



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