Until now, we know what content marketing is. Today, we are going to discuss the ultimate recipe for social media and content marketing, hence social media content marketing. We can say that these two are similar yet have a borderline difference.

Content marketing is a strategy to inform and educate customers about the products and services, ultimately leading to increased sales lead and conversion rates. Social media is the platform where companies engage with customers to educate customers about their business.

As mentioned above that the defined terms are similar yet keep a borderline difference, they still have roots to the same domain – marketing; therefore, there are a few elements that apply to both the strategies. As noted by Curata, they are:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Customers’ Persona
  3. Product/Service Description
  4. Editorial Plan

The important thing to note here is that these four elements need to and must align each other to work on social media content marketing.

The Borderline Difference

Some may define content marketing and social media marketing as interchangeable, but the fact is that they rely on each other; social media drives content to its desired destination. Social media is particularly crucial in planning your content outline because it helps businesses listen to its customers’ needs and wants. However, the main thing to remember here is that there is a wide variety of social media platforms, catering to a different set of audience with the same need, so the content varies.

Creating a Social Media Plan

There are a few elements to always apply when deciding to design a social media plan:

Know the reason

A company must know the goal behind opting for any particular social platform. Not every platform is suited to business’ needs, and selecting a particular channel must have a certain reason behind. Keep in mind that your appropriate channel with the relevant content will help customers take the next step of their buyer’s journey.

Outline the relevant content

Creating the relevant content is equally paramount as selecting the right channel. Why? Because just as the set of audience varies, the content for every channel varies, too. For this, thorough analysis of customers’ persona is important before strategizing out the content for each channel.

Set the right tone

With a sufficient amount of time invested in researching each platform,  businesses will get guidance to set the right tone for every channel. Figure out whether the tone should be friendly or professional? Formal or informal?

Keep an editorial plan

Having an editorial plan is equally important as any other step in designing a social media content strategy. An editorial plan helps businesses keep a schedule of publishing content over different media channels. The plan will help you in controlling the frequency and over-dosage of the content.

Do’s And Don’ts of Social Media Content Marketing

Keep it short

No one wants to read Shakespear’s Hamlet, so there is no need to write one. To be honest, no one has time to read lengthy content, and for that reason, you do have different other alternatives. Design your content short and attractive so that the audience would love to read and engage.

Insert Visuals

A slight tinge of visuals to your content is the best and effective way to attract and increase engagement. Put yourself in the shoe of customers. What would you rather read? A boring set of 3-liners, or content with an eye-catching visual? Decide yourself.

Be Innovative

Whether you are creating a fiction or non-fiction content, try to play with words and be creative as much as possible. No one would bother reading anything unless it has something of their interest in a more appealing way.

Respond to every single query

Customers are the king, and ignoring customers’ queries is not a good approach. Customers will bombard your inbox with loads of queries once they would be aware of your offerings. But wait! You are not responding to their queries? You are certainly skipping a crucial step to potential sales.

Bombard audience at a time

Editorial plans are kept to control the frequency of the content publishing. It is important because no one would like to absorb a lot of information at once. Publish your post at the minimum pace, so the audience would easily comprehend the information you are trying to disseminate.

Be Rude

There will be times when you would face unreasonable feedback or query, but this is the time where you need to have patience. At the end of the day, no matter how popular you are, it’s customer service that counts. Proving a point won’t work here – keeping their reservations at center and adopting a courteous tone will let others know that customer service is your priority. Also, they will get a hint of how you will be dealing with them in future.


As we discussed earlier that social media is not just to educate people about your brand – it’s rather for engagement and building relationships with customers. A business’ social media feed need not be an advertisement board for its promotion. Listen to your customers’ concerns, and use that information to upgrade your brand.


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