Facebook is one of the major social media platforms when it comes to marketing strategies. Many businesses, small or medium-scale, are using social platforms since the digital revolution to reach out a big chunk of the audience, and one of them is Facebook.  In the past, Facebook was created just to bring two people into communication, but now it has evolved into a crucial aspect for any business.

While there are many ways to market your business, creating a dedicated Facebook page to market your business is convenient yet an effective strategy.

Why Would A Business Want To Create A Facebook Page?

Let’s start with some startling facts:

  • According to the social media giant, Facebook has 1.49 billion daily active users on average for September 2018, and 2.27 billion monthly active users as of Sept, ’18.
  • Facebook has approximately 50 million active business pages, and people leave 2.5 billion comments on a page each month.
  • A survey by financial services firm Cowen and Company revealed that respondents ranked Facebook on the second highest position in terms of offering the highest ROI.

They are some pretty huge figures, but what does that mean? It means that there is a huge potential for businesses to reach and engage with a larger set of target audience on Facebook. The social media giant is a two-way communication path where you can communicate with your customers while at the same time, get insights about your customers. This, in future, will help you have a better understanding of your customers’ needs and wants, giving you an added advantage to shape future marketing efforts accordingly.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

By now, you know tremendous value that a Facebook page holds for business. It is not that traditional methods of marketing have become obsolete; Facebook has made interaction way more convenient.

Creating a Facebook Page needs no rocket science – it is just a process of 7 simple methods, and you will have your page up and running in no time.

8 Simple to Create Facebook Page

Step 1:  Choose Classification

Sign in to your Facebook account and click ‘Create a Page’. You will be displayed with two classifications – Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. Each classification caters different audience, and if you think your business lies into more than one type, focus on your USP and customers’ perceptions about your business.

After classification, you will have to enter a few more details, like name and Page Category. A category is actually the sub-category of your business, and it lists all potential types once you start to type. Once you are satisfied with the name, click ‘Continue’.

Step 02: Add a Profile Picture

A good profile picture will be your first visual impression, so make sure it is relevant and attractive. Once you have selected a good, identifiable picture, click ‘Upload Picture’.

Now it is time to select a relevant yet captivating cover image. A cover image is more prominent than a profile picture, so it should be appealing enough and must convey your brand’s identity and personality. The size of the cover should be 820 x 312 pixels, or otherwise, you would have to crop the image.

Once you have chosen, click ‘Upload a Cover Photo’.

Voila! Your page is up. Now you have to work to make it run, but first, explore your new page, go through every option just so you know where everything is.

Step 03: Edit Details

Right after creating a page, you will be greeted with a welcome message and an option to edit your details.

Add a Short Description

This is your opportunity to communicate what your brand/business is about. The description must be short, precise, and clear yet strong enough to capture a second look. Once you are done, click ‘Save and Continue’.

Add a Phone Number

Your business must have a contact number be it a landline or a mobile phone. Enter your contact details so that it will easier for the visitors to communicate with you. In case, you are not ready to give your contact details, there is an option to un-check the option.

Add a Website

If you have a dedicated business website, make sure to display it to your audience so that they can explore the business in detail. Once done, click ‘Save’.

Step 04: Create a Username

Create a username (customized URL) for your Facebook page, it just like an address to your Facebook Page.  A username can be up to 50 characters, but remember that it must be an easy username so that people can recall it right away.

Once you are done, click ‘Create Username’.

Step 05: About Section & Settings

Many people leave to fill details for later, but it is important to put relevant information right away. The About section includes all business-related details, like your business story, business info, contact info, and much more.

Now comes the stage where you need to manage settings. Here you can manage privacy, account, and many other options related to your Page’s settings.

Step 06: Create First Post

Now your page is up and also running, all you have to do is make a strong online presence. You have just started, but your competitors may have been interacting with your prospects for long, so it is time to gear up. Create valuable and attractive content to share with your audience, or let’s say have a reason to interact with the audience now.

Step: 07: Engage and Invite

Now is the time to actually promote your Page to different social media platforms. Start inviting people to like and follow your page and stay in touch. Look for tips and tricks you can apply to increase social media engagements and have your strong grips online.



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