Verizon Wireless is an American telecommunication company known for its quality wireless entertainment materials for every age group. One such product is smart watch. Smart watches are becoming more and more popular and are used for many purposes. Some go further to induct a SIM card that can do many functions just as your mobile phone. Kids has special interest in smart watches and Verizon knowns exactly that.

Verizon launches its new edition of smart watches called Gizmo Smart watches that contain special features and wallpapers of various Disney characters displayed on the watch. Till now two different variants are launched by Verizon and in this article we will look at the features of smart watches and will try to understand why they will certainly appeal children.

Gizmo Watch Disney Edition

Gizmo watch Disney Edition was launched recently by Verizon and it contain the display of our most favorite characters of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. The characters are displayed as wallpapers on the home screen or lock screen. Moreover kids can also get animations of the characters changing with the function. The Gizmo Watch comes only in grey color with a front facing camera that enable children to click photos and make videos. The audio video messages can also be sent from the watch. The smart watch comes with the 8GB memory and great display of 1.81 inches in width 1.6 inches in height. The watch is very convenient to use for children and have a Gizmo app to control the watch for iOS and android users. The GPS system enable parents to keep a close look at the location of the child and it contain all the gadgets for the growth of the child. The watch is a bit expensive coming at 199$ each but buying two will get you a 50% off on the second watch. Overall Gizmo Watch Disney Edition is perfect gift for your child on any special occasion.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 2

Verizon Gizmo Watch 2 is comparable with Gizmo Watch Disney Edition with the exception of the Disney Wallpapers and aminations. The smart watch comes with a memory of 4GB and features that parents love to see in their child smart watch. GPS locator, reminders and easy to control via Gizmo Watch control app that is available for both iOS and android are best features of the watch. Watch 2 comes in two different colors pink and blue. Quick dial, auto answering and front faced camera for photos and videos are also notable features. A standby time of 1.5 day with good display makes Gizmo Watch 2 an excellent choice as a gift for your child. The price of Watch 2 is relatively lower the Disney edition. It come with a price tag of 99$ and an offer of 50% off for buying two.


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