The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the world completely and will be written in the history as a period of crisis for every sector of life. Economies has trembled, health system has failed and many parts of the world went complete or partial shutdown for outdoor activities. The Pandemic will also be remembered for swift driver of innovations, digitalizing and adaptation for the “new normal” life style in the human society. Such a crisis has every chance of giving humanity a new economic stability and a bloom of innovatory ideas that would coup the challenges and ensure the survivability of the humans. The exploration of new methods of survival and a large number of people adopting the solutions are a testimonial of this. The startups has crumbled during the crisis but are now gaining more insight as more and more innovatory ideas has turned into profitable businesses across the globe. In this article we will review such innovative ideas that would remain as the best startup ideas in the post pandemic world.

Goods Delivery

In the “new normal” scenario, indoor activities are preferred and buying groceries and items of necessity by visiting the outlets can prove dangerous so Refraction AI was an innovative idea to coup with the challenge. The AI Powered Robotic platform is very useful in safe delivery of the goods across cities. The REV-1 ensures the minimal contact with the delivery staff and can be driven in bike lane. The best feature of REV-1 is its all-weather performance and safe delivery. The REV-1 is the first in its class and can lead to many more powerful and intelligent robot that could revolutionized the whole transportation industry.

Biometric Login

Biometric login was developed a while ago and used by many companies and institutes to confirm the identity of the user. During the pandemic the biometric login was thought to be source where people can acquire infection so a brilliant innovation by Pass Base lead to the online biometric verification of the user using various identification tools. It uses face detection, liveness detection and ID authenticity check that enables the companies to ensure login into their system by employees. Online Biometric login is a beginning of a new era of very fine identity tools.

Serres Séparées

While indoor dining can prove fatal and restaurants remained close for the most time during the lockdown over the pandemic time, a great innovation is Serres Separees. A restaurants based in Amsterdam innovate outdoor dining by making small green house cabins for the visitors that allows them to sit safely in an outdoor environment and also gives them a very unique experience. This innovation become popular as it ensures the safety and also bring a new experience in restaurant industry that will run as a profitable business hack for coming years.

Telehealth Consultation

Health sector was under burden and bear all the pressure of pandemic providing people best healthcare during that time. Homage is a platform developed in Singapore that will remain in the business for a long time. Homage provides home medical visits, home health, teleconsultation and also medical delivery. Homage also provides long term healthcare management of patients. Overall, Homage is quite a brilliant innovation that can groom individual business and can also create many opportunities in the future. With coming technologies homage can be your own hospital just a click away.

Mental Resilience App

Studies shows that pandemic brings many socio-economic challenges for humanity apart from a very threat itself. People infected with COVID-19 can undergo serious mental illness as well as isolation for months in serious cases. Severity of disease can also lead to the social isolation of infected individual that can have serious mental issues. GGTude is an app developed by researchers and scientists to coup up with the challenges posed by pandemic and individual can enjoy best of mental resilience even in case of extreme turmoil. It helps improve mood, confidence and thought processing giving individual a brilliant platform to show mental resilience in the period of uncertainty.

Ultraviolet Sanitation Tunnel

Sanitation products industry blooms during pandemic as people were advised to improve their sanitation habits. During such chaos were people were desperate to get a bottle of hand sanitizer, ultraviolet sanitation Tunnel is one best innovation that will not be discarded by the world after the pandemic is over but is going to be a permanent part of healthcare industry. The ultraviolet sanitation Tunnel would kill viruses and germs by exposing humans for a minimal time to the ultraviolet rays. It can also be used in the manufacturing areas were employees work in a production line. The tunnel will be a part of entrance gates of hospitals and institutes.

FitBit Flow

One of the biggest challenge faced by healthcare during COVID-19 was shortage of ventilators. The infected patient has difficulties in breathing and artificial system of breathing was an absolute need. FitBit Flow is an outstanding innovation that gives an emergency ventilation system to the patient. The FitBit flow uses an app that can be used by patient itself when not in critical condition or by the attendant. It easy to use and user friendly. The device lays off the strain on the medical staff as well. The innovation will be a permanent part of healthcare institutes in the future.


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