Facebook owned ‘’WhatsApp’’ is one of the primary socializing app developed over the years.  The numbers of WhatsApp users reached a staggering 2 billion by 2020 and growing by each day. Active users of WhatsApp are around 1 billion per day. The third most popular socializing app remains the most preferred mode of communication due to its simplicity and user friendly features. Encrypted audio video calls, voice massages, status update and text messages are among the favorite features of the WhatsApp users. Sharing of audio video files and ad-free program of WhatsApp makes it one of the most reliable and user friendly program among the socializing apps. WhatsApp has improved a lot since its introduction into the market and continue to evolve by each passing year. The app add new features almost every year making it more and more suitable and user friendly. In recent times WhatsApp introduces Beta update for android users.

The Latest Update in the app will enable the users to open the app in multiple devices simultaneously. The new update is still in its testing phase and WhatsApp has started asking some users to update the app in order to get the feedback from users. The new update will not interfere the chatting experience and encrypted audio or video calling experience of users. As the updated version is still in it’s Beta testing phase, so it is not available for all users. The update will allow users to open the app on multiple devices regardless of internet connection on the main device. Previously, the app can be opened in windows, laptops, pods, etc. through a WhatsApp Web QR scanning program in which in internet connection on the main device is mandatory. The WhatsApp latest update will enable users to open the app on multiple android devices for the first time without the internet connection on the main device.

As per sources, the WhatsApp latest Update is still in its testing phase and WhatsApp is considering a public beta for the update in order to get a better feedback and let users involve in the testing. However, the official date for the release of update is not announced yet but the new feature seems interesting and user friendly especially the feature of no active internet requirement on the main device.


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