Growing Information Technology brings a new challenge, diversity and updates for the equipment with each passing day. One key equipment is your Personal Computer (PC) or laptop that needed to be updated with best software to cope with the challenges and function efficiently. An online security quiver can use VPN and End-to-End encrypted massaging apps to stop others from spying on your conversation and to protect your internet traffic. Malware and bugs are posing a continuous threats to your PC that need protection. Windows 10 is widely used as an operating system now a days in PC and there is list of tools to protect from malware. Free antivirus software may be enough but your PC needs the best protection against malware. Here are the best antivirus software for windows 10 that your PC require to function it at its best.

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Microsoft Defender

A free of cost built-in protection system is provided by Windows 10 named as Microsoft Defender. The defender brings in machine learning, big data analysis and in depth threat resistance research system which makes it one of the most potent antivirus software of next generation. Always on-scanning system and the real time protection blocks all newly emerging threats. Defender provides almost instant blocking of suspicious apps and threats. Combined with Hello facial recognition and biometric verification system makes your PC more secure than ever.

BitDefender Total Security

If you don’t want to compromise speed and performance of your PC then the BitDefender total security software is for you. BitDefender provides secure VPN and online privacy to gives you best internet exploration anytime. A multilayer ransomware protection and advance parental control keeps your files and your kids safe against the sophisticated malware. BitDefender with its innovative can easily predict and prevent the cyber-attacks anywhere in the world. Device optimizer, parental control, privacy Firewall along with adware and malware protection makes BitDefender the best in the business.

Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro Maximum Security software provides security for web transactions, block web threats, protect your privacy and files from malware and cyber-attacks. Software is also capable of detecting phishing E-mails and managing passwords. Trend Micro can also safeguard the cloud-sync folders and drives. The cloud based Artificial intelligence technology of Trend Micro is quite capable software to cope with the ever evolving malware and identity theft attacks. With a Google rating of 4.5 and at a cost of 39$ for 5 devices, Trend Micro surely makes the list.

Malwarebytes Premium

Fast scanning of viruses, protection against ransomware and blocking of threats like worms, rouges, dialers, spyware and bot makes Malwarebytes Premium one of the best choice for the users when it comes to the windows 10 antivirus protection software. Malwarebytes removes all the traces of malware to ensure that your PC is clean. At a cost of around 40$ for 1 year license you can make sure that your PCs security is well managed and under protection using Malwarebytes Premium.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home claims to block almost 99% of malware attacks without generating a single false alarm. With Artificial intelligence detection system and scanning and cleaning of Trojans, viruses, rootkits and spyware, Sophos home is one of the best antivirus software for windows 10. The software comes in both free download and buy premium at a cost of around 42$ for 10 devices.  Sophos Home can also provide web protection, parental web filtering, privacy protection and real-time antivirus protection for PCs.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee comes with a history of antivirus software for windows. McAfee total protection is a comprehensive solution for protection against malware. The software provides protection against viruses, phishing E-mails, Trojans and identity theft using it sophisticated scanning and cleaning system. McAfee has almost no false record in detecting malware and a Google rating of 4 tells its success rate. At a rate of 35$ for individual device and 40$ for 10 devices make McAfee one of the best antivirus software to look forward in 2021

Bull Guard

 Bull Guard is an elegant, user intuitive interface antivirus software that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and multilayer protection system to your files and browsing experience without slowing down your PC. Bull Guard is a total protection software with cloud integrating backup, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and venerability scanner. Software also contain a game boosting system as well. Bull Guard comes at a cost of around 20$ for one device and 40$ for 10 devices.

Panda Dome Security Suit

Panda Dome Security Suit comes in four different categories with each adding more features then the previous one. The Essential provides antivirus and firewall, free VPN, Wi-Fi protection and scanning of external devices for infection prevention. The premium provides a premium VPN, technical support along with all other features for 1 year 24/7. The Suit cost at a range of 1749€ to 5949€ for the Premium.



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